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About dFive

We are a Hamburg based startup in the field of software development. Our goal is to ease the way for you to establish your offshore development team when scaling up your business. We cover a variety of technical and supporting activities, such as frontend and backend development, project management, project ownership, and design. Our framework and processes are created to comply with highest data protection standards and to deliver German quality in the most cost effective way. 


Our Services

You imagine and we handle the rest.

Glass Buildings

Digital Consulting

Packing years of consulting experience, there is not a single hurdle we have not managed to overcome.


Expert Development

We put highly dedicated experts on the front-line. Your mission critical projects are handled by the best.

Industry Lowest Pricing

And we mean it! We are confident that our prices are unbeatable. Found someone cheaper? Let us know!


Heart of Innovation

We simply dig the challenge! Innovation is totally our drug. Actually, we lied there: so is coffee ;)


Our Quality

dFive is your ideal partner in any wide range of digital related fields. Our engineers are dedicated to solving your digital needs in order to grow your business. You imagine, and we handle the rest!


dFive offers consulting services in a wide range of fields, such as Cloud Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT Solutions, Blockchain, Innovation Management, Enterprise Solutions, E-Commerce Applications.

Our engineers can be on-boarded to your projects in exceptionally short times. 


Cutting-edge Development Experience

There is not a single task that our team is not capable of delivering! Some of the experience under our belt:

  • Python, Java, Node.js, ...

  • Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras, ...

  • MongoDB, ElasticSearch, ...

  • React, Vue, ...

  • You name it ...

  • We've got it ...

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